Shipping Policy

1/1/2019 by KRW

Shipping Time: Some orders will ship within 7 days. In other cases, it may take a bit longer to package and ship an order due to it's size, complexity, or the the amount of orders we received in the same day.
Orders are not processed or shipped when the shipping company is not in operation. This means, we will not ship something Fed-Ex, on a Sunday, if Fed-Ex is not open on Sundays. Your local facility may have different hours of operation than ours. This applies to all shipping companies and carriers.

Delivery Dates: We do not guarantee delivery dates.

Consider any shipping or transit time as an estimate only.

Shipping company selection: We reserve the right to change the shipping company you selected during checkout, during processing of your shipment, unless you specifically request in the comments block that your shipping courier not be changed by us.
In some cases, we cannot ship your order via the shipping company you have selected during checkout because; Fed-Ex may not deliver to P.O. Boxes; There may be service delays in your area; Inclement weather may be affecting the delivery route of the courier you have selected. It may be beneficial to have your order shipped via a different carrier in order to receive the same expected delivery times as usual.

If during the processing of your order, we find that your package will be delivered FASTER via a different shipping company than the one you selected, we reserve the right to change the shipping company. We will not change, alter, refund or charge you any amount of money for this change of service. We consider this one of the ways we excel in our customer service, by providing you with the fastest shipping possible.

If you do not want us to change your shipping company because of some issue you have with your local delivery person or company, you must tell us in the order comments of each order, "MUST SHIP FED-EX" OR "MUST SHIP USPS" depending on your preference.

If the shipping method you selected does not deliver to your address (if you select Fed-Ex and your address is a P.O. Box, FPO or APO, Puerto Rico, or other Island territory of the United States) and you state that we must only ship Fed-Ex, your order may be delayed while we contact you and await for your permission to change the shipping of your order to something that will actually ship.

We do not offer DHL, UPS, Amazon, Local Delivery Courier, or Bicycle Courier on our website, but these are options for alternate delivery if we find that the service is equal to, or better than the one you selected.
In all cases, Insurance and order integrity will remain the same.
If you have any questions about this policy, please give us a call at 863-424-8062 and ask to speak with someone in the shipping department. They will be happy to assist you.