Purchase Limits

1/1/2020 by KRW

Because we created this website with the intention of selling to people for personal use only we often put purchase limits on items. If you find that you need more than what the site will allow you to purchase please let us know and we will see if we can set up a special purchase just for you.

Some items like Loungefly, Dooney & Bourke, Spirit Jerseys, Dress Shop Dresses, Alex and Ani bracelets, and Pandora charms will have a limit of 1 per size/style per day and a lifetime limit of 3 per size/style per address (without prior approval). This policy is made to keep things fair for all.
Smaller things like keychains, magnets, clothes, and ears can be requested in bigger quantities if they are available to us. However, if we see that you purchase the same items repetitively we may start to limit your purchases and remove items from your orders if it seems excessive.