Accepted Forms of Payment

1/1/2019 by KRW

Currently, we accept the following forms of payment; Credit Cards, Disney Gift Cards, Bank Wire Transfers, PayPal, Zelle, Western Union, U.S. Dollars CASH,

Credit cards: Your Card Issuing Bank or Financial institution requires that we show proof that you, the cardholder, made the purchase. They also require that we show proof that we shipped you, that cardholder, the merchandise that we charged you for. The only way we are able to do this is by sending the merchandise we charge you for, to your verified cardholder address. This is your BILLING ADDRESS. We will not ship to a relatives home, or your work address, or wherever else you want your merchandise shipped, unless your BILLING ADDRESS matches THAT address. In today's day and age of paperless billing, it is easier that ever to log into your credit card account and change your billing address. This also shows your credit card company that YOU are changing the address we are shipping to, even if only temporarily. That way, if you decide to say you didn't order something, didn't receive it, or that we sent it to the wrong address, the Credit card company will also be able to see that same information and make the same determination we do. Thank you for using your credit card.

PayPal: PayPal requires that we show online tracking for your packages, and that we ship to your home confirmed address. If you are funding your PayPal account (i.e. the transaction you are paying through PayPal) with a credit card, PayPal requires that we send your order to the Credit Card's Billing address that you have on file, with PayPal, under the cards section of your profile. If you have recently moved, you'll want to update your billing address on those credit cards, in PayPal, in your profile. If you don't, and we ship your order to your old address, and the new occupants accept the delivery of those goods, you receiving your merchandise is now between them, and you. We've done what we were required to do. We will not reship orders or compensate you in any way if you fail to update your billing address in PayPal, or if you do not understand how PayPal works.

Disney Gift Cards: We accept Disney Gift Cards by way of a balance transfer! This means, regardless of the actual amount of your order, if you make payment with a Disney Gift Card, the entire balance of that card will be transferred, one way, to our account. We will not put funds back onto a Disney Gift card. Any over payment made by this payment method will be issued as a store credit to your account on our website . This credit will be available for any future purchase, exclusively on our website, . Any underpayment may be supplemented with an additional payment made after the Disney Gift Card payment is processed.

Bank Wire Transfers (Zelle), Western Union, and CASH: Cash is King. U.S. Dollars Cash is accepted at any time, simply by handing us CASH. Exact change is preferred unless you plan on tipping us any over payment. You may send us U.S. Dollars CASH at any time, at your own risk.
Bank wire transfers are currently accepted by way of "Zelle" an in-house ACH processing service your bank may or may not support. There is no fee for using Zelle, and it is extremely easy and versatile. If you are making a Payment via Zelle, please send the payment to the following email address: [email protected] in the comments block please put the order number you are paying for and your name.

In any case, we ask that you provide us with complete and accurate contact information when placing any order, and when paying by any means. Thank you.